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Experimental Approaches to Study Genome Packaging of Influenza A Viruses.
Modified nucleotides of tRNA(3Lys) modulate primer/template loop-loop interaction in the initiation complex of HIV-1 reverse transcription.
tRNAs as primer of reverse transcriptases
Empaquetage sélectif du génome des influenzavirus A
A pyrophosphatase activity associated with purified HIV-1 particles.
Influenza NA and PB1 Gene Segments Interact during the Formation of Viral Progeny: Localization of the Binding Region within the PB1 Gene.
 Selective packaging of the influenza A genome and consequences for genetic reassortment.
A functional sequence-specific interaction between influenza A virus genomic RNA segments
Evaluation of anti-HIV-1 mutagenic nucleoside analogues.
Interaction network linking the human H3N2 influenza A virus genomic RNA segments.
Critical role of segment-specific packaging signals in genetic reassortment of influenza A viruses.
8-Modified-2'-Deoxyadenosine Analogues Induce Delayed Polymerization Arrest during HIV-1 Reverse Transcription.

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