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 Hydrosyapatite mechanical properties modifications by high energy ion implantation
Surfaces Modification of Pulsed Laser Deposition Hydroxyapatite Coatings by high energy 15N+ implantation
RF-magnetron sputtering method as a tool to functionalize titanium surface with calcium phosphate thin films presenting different crystallinity degrees
High energy 15N+ implantation of hydroxyapatite coatings: crystallographic, chemical and structural modifications.
Surface transformations of a crystalline hydroxyapatite coating produces by electrodeposition after incubation under biological conditions
Contribution to the development of bioceramics by a biomimetic characaterisation strategy 
Step-growth thiol-thiol photopolymerization as radiation curing technology
An orthogonal, one-pot, simultaneous UV-mediated route to thiol-ene/sol-gel film
Oriented hydroxyapatite single crystals produced by the electrodeposition method