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Few-layered graphene-supported palladium as a highly efficient catalyst in oxygen reduction reaction
Electrical Transport Measured in Atomic Carbon Chains
Electrical Transport in "Few-Layer Graphene" Film Prepared by the Hot-Spray Technique: The Effect of Thermal Treatment
Effect of the Specific Surface Sites on the Reducibility of alpha-Fe2O3/Graphene Composites by Hydrogen
Influence of ethanol in the presence of H-2 on the catalytic growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of porous carbon nanotubes foam composites with a high accessible surface area and tunable porosity
Mechanical thinning to make few-layer graphene from pencil lead
Tribological and mechanical investigation of acrylic-based nanocomposite coatings reinforced with PMMA-grafted-MWCNT
A 3D insight on the catalytic nanostructuration of few-layer graphene

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