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Behavior of copper and nickel after thermal treatment of contaminated olive solidwaste
CeO2 catalytic activity for soot oxidation under NO/O2 in loose and tight contact
Thermal degradation of Miscanthus pellets: kinetics and aerosols characterization
Biosorption of basic dye from aqueous solutions by Date Stones and Palm-Trees Waste: Kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies
Biosorption of copper from aqueous solutions by date stones and palm-trees waste
Experimental investigations on date palm residues for characterization and combustion
Etude par thermogravimétrie de la cinétique de pyrolyse de la biomasse du palmier dattier
Thermogravimetric analysis and kinetic study on Palm of Phoenix Dactylifera L
Numerical study of radiative heat transfer effects on a complex configuration of rack storage fire
Energetic valorisation of olive mill wastewater impregnated on low cost absorbent: Sawdust versus olive solid waste
Activated carbon prepared by physical activation of olive stones for the removal of NO2 at ambient temperature

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