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Free radical photopolymerization under mild conditions
Photoinitiating Systems for LED Cured Interpenetrated Polymer Networks
The effect of UV stabilisers under UV and daylight curing: characterization by RT FTIR and Confocal Raman Spectroscopy
Free radical photopolymerization initiated by UV and LED: Towards UV stabilized, tack free coatings
Confocal Raman microscopy study of several factors known to influence the oxygen inhibition of acrylate photopolymerization under LED
Photoinitiating Systems for LED-Cured Interpenetrating Polymer Networks
Advances in photopolymerization: from UV to LED curing
Development of New Photoinitiating Systems for Depth Curing of Thick Materials
Development of new photoinitiating systems for depth curing of thick materials
Acrylate-based UV-cured self-replenishing hydrophobic coatings for further industrial applications
Self-Replenishing Hydrophobic Coatings Based on Light Cured Interpenetrated Polymer Networks
Influence of actinic wavelength on properties of light-cured interpenetrating polymer networks
From homogeneous to phase separated UV-cured Interpenetrating Polymer Networks: Influence of the system composition on properties and microstructure
Photo-curable hydrophobic self-replenishing coatings

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