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CeO2 catalytic activity for soot oxidation under NO/O2 in loose and tight contact
Pyrolysis and combustion characteristics of agropellets produced spent ground coffee blended with different biomasses
The use of Olive waste for Agropellets production: Characterization Study
Analysis through thermogravimetric analyses of the impact of torrefaction processes performed under a non-oxidative atmosphere on hydrolysis lignin samples
Thermogravimetric analyses and kinetic modeling of pellets built with three Cameroonian biomass
Thermal degradations of wood biofuels, coals and hydrolysis lignin from the Russian Federation: Experiments and modeling
Analyses of the impact of torrefaction processes on hydrolysis lignin samples through chemical and morphological investigations
Opaline phytoliths in Miscanthus sinensis and its cyclone ash from a biomass-combustion facility
Synthesis of Cu-Ce/KIT-6 materials for SOx removal

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