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Glucose Variability: Comparison of Different Indices During Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Diabetic Patients
Développement et mise en place d’Happy@feet, logiciel pour la prise en charge et le suivi des infections du pied diabétique
Unexpected Massive Hemothorax After Pancreatic Islet Transplantation: A Case Report
Insulin interacts directly with Na(+)/K(+)ATPase and protects from digoxin toxicity
beta cell membrane remodelling and procoagulant events occur in inflammation-driven insulin impairment: a GLP-1 receptor dependent and independent control
18F-FDOPA PET/CT imaging of insulinoma revisited
Early assessment of glucose abnormalities during continuous glucose monitoring associated with lung function impairment in cystic fibrosis patients
Obstructive sleep apnoea in people with Type 1 diabetes: prevalence and association with micro- and macrovascular complications
How can adenovirus-mediated catalase and superoxide dismutase gene transfer improve the outcome of pancreatic cells for transplantation?
Impact of anti-insulin antibodies on islet transplantation outcome: data from the GRAGIL Network
Glycated albumin and continuous glucose monitoring to replace glycated haemoglobin in patients with diabetes treated with haemodialysis
Continuous glucose monitoring in hemodialyzed patients with type 2 diabetes: a multicenter pilot study
Outcome of cystic fibrosis-related diabetes two years after lung transplantation
Influence of dialysis on the glucose profile in patients with diabetes: usefulness of continuous glucose monitoring
Liraglutide protects Rin-m5f beta cells by reducing procoagulant tissue factor activity and apoptosis prompted by microparticles under conditions mimicking Instant Blood-Mediated Inflammatory Reaction
Rescue of a pancreatic islet graft after steroid therapy
Exocrine cell-derived microparticles in response to lipopolysaccharide promote endocrine dysfunction in cystic fibrosis
Early effects of liver regeneration on endocrine pancreas: in vivo change in islet morphology and in vitro assessment of systemic effects on beta-cell function and viability in the rat model of two-thirds hepatectomy

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