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Strong spin-phonon coupling between a single-molecule magnet and a carbon nanotube nanoelectromechanical system
Landau-Zener tunneling of a single Tb3+ magnetic moment allowing the electronic read-out of a nuclear spin
Carbon Nanotube Nanoelectromechanical Systems as Magnetometers for Single-Molecule Magnets
Supramolecular spin valves
2D Self-Assembly and Catalytic Homo-coupling of the Terminal Alkyne 1,4-Bis(3,5-diethynyl-phenyl)butadiyne-1,3 on Ag(111)
Time- and space-modulated Raman signals in graphene-based optical cavities
Tunable Quantum Dot Arrays Formed from Self-Assembled Metal-Organic Networks
Electrical Readout of Individual Nuclear Spin Trajectories in a Single-Molecule Magnet Spin Transistor
Adsorption and dehydrogenation of tetrahydroxybenzene on Cu(111)
Steering On-Surface Self-Assembly of High-Quality Hydrocarbon Networks with Terminal Alkynes
Competing Interactions in Surface Reticulation with a Prochiral Dicarbonitrile Linker
Coupling Single Molecule Magnets to Ferromagnetic Substrates
Homo-coupling of terminal alkynes on a noble metal surface
Antiferromagnetic coupling of TbPc2 molecules to ultrathin Ni and Co films
Five-vertex Archimedean surface tessellation by lanthanide-directed molecular self-assembly
Exchange Biasing Single Molecule Magnets: Coupling of TbPc2 to Antiferromagnetic Layers

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