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Spinning textile fibers from recycled PET polymers
Etude du vieillissement de silices pyrogéniques à taux d’humidité relative variable
Physical and Mechnical characterization of Alfa (Stipa Tenacissima L.) fibres for textile applications
Processing and Characterization of a New Ring-spun Yarn Based on Alfa Fibre (Stipa Tenacissima L.)
Effect of fibre surface treatment on the properties of alfa fibres
Hydrothermal degradation and modification of surface properties of polylactic acid
Study of iPP Crosslinking by Means of Dynamic and Steady Rheology Measurements
Elimination of organic micropollutants by adsorption on activated carbon prepared from agricultural waste
Adsorption of dyes on activated carbon prepared from apricot stones and commercial activated carbon
Adsorption and corrosion inhibition of new synthesized Pyridazinium-Based Ionic Liquid on Carbon Steel in 0.5 M H2S04

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