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Role of islet culture on angiogenic and inflammatory mechanisms
Improvement of islet graft function using liraglutide is correlated with its anti-inflammatory properties.
Extracellular matrix proteins involved in pseudoislets formation.
Impact of Pancreatic Rat Islet Density on Cell Survival during Hypoxia
Perfluorocarbon emulsions prevent hypoxia of pancreatic beta-cells
Perfluorocarbons: new tool for islets preservation in vitro.
Improvement of rat islet viability during transplantation: validation of pharmacological approach to induce VEGF overexpression
In Vitro and In Vivo Investigation of the Angiogenic Effects of Liraglutide during Islet Transplantation
Pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant status of pancreatic islet in vitro is controlled by TLR-4 and HO-1 pathways
Instant blood-mediated inflammatory reaction during islet transplantation: the role of Toll-like receptors signaling pathways
Design, characterisation, and bioefficiency of insulin-chitosan nanoparticles after stabilisation by freeze-drying or cross-linking
A Metabolomic Approach (1H HRMAS NMR Spectroscopy) Supported by Histology to Study Early Post-transplantation Responses in Islet-transplanted Livers.

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