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Numerical analysis of the creep of the contact and recovery of the imprint on amorphous polymer surfaces
Straightforward and precise approach to replicate complex hierarchical structures from plant surfaces onto soft matter polymer
Mechanisms of blistering and chipping of a scratch-resistant coating
Creep of the contact with a spherical tip and recovery of the imprint on amorphous polymer surfaces
A simple method for the reinforcement of UV-cured coating via sol-gel photopolymerization
Creep and recovery analysis of polymeric materials during indentation tests
Robust Alginate-Catechol@Polydopamine Free-Standing Membranes Obtained from the Water/Air Interface
Motorizing fibres with geometric zero-energy modes
Establishing contact between cell-laden hydrogels and metallic implants with a biomimetic adhesive for cell therapy supported implants
An orthogonal, one-pot, simultaneous UV-mediated route to thiol-ene/sol-gel film
Scale invariance of the contact mechanics of micropatterned elastic substrates

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