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Across the Pacific to Aotearoa : Pacific Island migration - demography, adaptation and the host country's Pacific role
Talking up the Empire? The conversations and speeches of Richard Seddon during his tour of the South Sea Islands in 1900
The Many-layered Commonwealth: a Pacific Illustration
What Place for the People of the Land? The Decolonisation Process in Aoteroa-New Zealand
The Temporality of Edward Bellamy’s Boston: experienced and imagined perceptions of the city through time
New Jerseys from Old Wool: cultural blending in Aotearoa New Zealand
Ngai Tahu in Christchurch-Otautahi: from invisible and marginal to post-colonial partners?
Britain’s Watchdog in the Pacific? Seddon’s Imperialism as Seen by the French
Angela Wanhalla 2013, Matters of the Heart: A history of interracial marriage in New Zealand

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