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Hybrid materials for optics and photonics
Encapsulation d'un filtre UV dans une silice mésoporeuse
Flash induction calcination: A powerful tool for total template removal and fine tuning of the hydrophobic/hydrophilic balance in SBA-15 type silica mesoporous materials
Elaboration of copper hydroxide phase modified diatomite and their application in lead ions immobilization
Encapsulation of a UV filter in a mesoporous silica for cosmetic applications
One pot synthesis of ordered mesoporous organosilica particles bearing propyl-, octyl- and hexadecyl-chains
Absorption of water/ethanol microdroplets into model porous networks
Thick mesostructured films via light induced self-assembly
Endogenous Stable Radicals for Characterization of Thermally Carbonized Porous Silicon by Solid-State Dynamic Nuclear Polarization C-13 NMR

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