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Large Scale Alignment and Charge Transport Anisotropy of pBTTT Films Oriented by High Temperature Rubbing
Phthalocyanine-based dumbbell-shaped molecule: Synthesis, structure and charge transport studies
Magnetoconductance anisotropy of a polymer thin film at the onset of metallicity
Current crowding issues on nanoscale planar organic transistors for spintronic applications
Zipper-like molecular packing of donor-acceptor conjugated co-oligomers based on perylenediimide
Incorporation of spirobifluorene regioisomers in electron-donating molecular systems for organic solar cells
Improved structural order by side-chain engineering of organic small molecules for photovoltaic applications
Thiazole-based scaffolding for high performance solar cells
Controlling charge separation and recombination by chemical design in donor–acceptor dyads
Rational Engineering of BODIPY-Bridged Trisindole Derivatives for Solar Cell Applications
Face-on orientation of fluorinated polymers conveyed by long alkyl chains: a prerequisite for high photovoltaic performances

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