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Pulmonary Cystic Echinococcosis
Streptococcus pneumoniae appendicitis and bacteremia in an immunocompetent adult
Relapsing Pott disease caused by Mycobacterium heckeshornense in a well-controlled HIV-infected patient
Feedback on difficulties raised by the interpretation of serological tests for the diagnosis of Lyme disease
Virulence of beta-hemolytic streptococci in infective endocarditis
Implementation of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry in Routine Clinical Laboratories Improves Identification of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci and Reveals the Pathogenic Role of Staphylococcus lugdunensis
[Neurosyphilis: A retrospective study of 13 cases at Strasbourg University Hospital]
Clinical usefulness of 18F-FDG PET/CT for initial staging and assessment of treatment efficacy in patients with lymph node tuberculosis
Impact of Setting up an "Endocarditis Team" on the Management of Infective Endocarditis
Bone penetration of daptomycin in diabetic patients with bacterial foot infections
Value of PCR, Serology, and Blood Smears for Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis Diagnosis, France

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