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Prediction of Drug Efficacy in Colon Cancer Preclinical Models Using a Novel Ranking Method of Gene Expression
Drug-Sponge Lipid Nanocarrier for in Situ Cargo Loading and Release Using Dynamic Covalent Chemistry
Hemidesmosome integrity protects the colon against colitis and colorectal cancer
Impairing flow-mediated endothelial remodeling reduces extravasation of tumor cells
Fluorescent nanocarriers targeting VCAM-1 for early detection of senescent endothelial cells
Laminin alpha1 orchestrates VEGFA functions in the ecosystem of colorectal carcinoma
Studying the Fate of Tumor Extracellular Vesicles at High Spatiotemporal Resolution Using the Zebrafish Embryo
Tenascin-C increases lung metastasis by impacting blood vessel invasions
Ral GTPases promote breast cancer metastasis by controlling biogenesis and organ targeting of exosomes
Hemodynamic Forces Tune the Arrest, Adhesion, and Extravasation of Circulating Tumor Cells

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