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Brain Cine-MRI Registration Using MLSDO Dynamic Optimization Algorithm
Brain Cine-MRI Sequences Registration Using B-Spline Free-Form Deformations and MLSDO Dynamic Optimization Algorithm
Adaptive Peer Selection Strategy in P2P-VoD Systems Based on Dynamic Metaheuristic
A Dynamic Multi-Agent Algorithm applied to challenging benchmark problems
Elastic Registration of Brain Cine-MRI Sequences Using MLSDO Dynamic Optimization Algorithm
A multiple local search algorithm for continuous dynamic optimization
Brain cine MRI segmentation based on a multiagent algorithm for dynamic continuous optimization
A survey on optimization metaheuristics
Hybrid Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with Simplex Approach: Application to Electric Motor Design
Hybrid Nelder-Mead Imperialist Competitive Algorithm Applied to Electric Motor Design
PSO-2S Optimization Algorithm for Brain MRI Segmentation
Comparison of Two Diversification Methods to Solve the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Idol-Guided Backtracking Search Optimization Algorithm
A GPU-based parallel neighborhood evaluation for ITSSD
Multi-level Parallelization for Hybrid ACO
GPU parallelization strategies for metaheuristics: a survey
Parallel Preprocessing for the Optimal Camera Placement Problem
Hybrid differential evolution algorithms for the optimal camera placement problem
Using a novel parallel genetic hybrid algorithm to generate and determine new zeolite frameworks

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