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An Iron-Based Photosensitizer with Extended Excited-State Lifetime: Photophysical and Photovoltaic Properties
A Detailed Analysis of Multiple Photoreactions in a Light-Harvesting Molecular Triad with Overlapping Spectra by Utrafast Spectroscopy
Ultrafast Energy and Charge Transfer Processes in a Flexible Molecular Triad Designed for Organic Photovoltaics
Simultaneously enhancing dissociation and suppressing recombination in perovskite solar cells
N and p-type properties in organo-metal halide perovskites studied by Seebeck effects
Interfacial charge separation and photovoltaic efficiency in Fe(II)-carbene sensitized solar cells
A new record excited state 3MLCT lifetime for metalorganic iron(ii) complexes
Controlling charge separation and recombination by chemical design in donor–acceptor dyads

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