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Landslide consequence analysis: a region-scale indicator-based methodology
Optical image correlation: a tool for the quantification of earth surface motion and the investigation of tectonic and geomorphic processes
Analyse spatiotemporelle de glissements de terrains littoraux par l’exploitation de données géospatiales multisources
Analysis of land cover changes in the past and the future as contribution to landslide risk scenarios
Landslide consequences and post crisis management along the coastal slopes of Normandy, France
Active learning in the spatial-domain for landslide mapping in remote sensing images
Adaptive spatial sampling with active Random Forest for object-oriented landslide mapping
Top-down hierarchical extraction of landslides from multiresolution optical satellite images
Automated mapping of coastline from high resolution satellite images using supervised segmentation
Active learning in the spatial domain for landslide mapping with VHR optical images