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Near infrared two-photon self-confinement in photopolymers for light induced self-written waveguides fabrication
Light induced self-written waveguides interactions in photopolymer media
Synthesis and characterization of a novel nonlinear optical hyperbranched polymer containing a highly performing chromophore
Electro-optic phase modulation in light induced self-written waveguides propagated in a 5CB doped photopolymer
T-Shaped (Donor-pi-)(2)Acceptor-pi-Donor Push-Pull Systems Based on Indan-1,3-dione
Stress birefringence patterning in photopolymer induced by structured illumination
Low threshold amplified spontaneous emission and ambipolar charge transport in non-volatile liquid fluorene derivatives
Polarization state studies in second harmonic generation signals to trace atherosclerosis lesions
Beating photo-degradation in sum-frequency imaging of chiral organic media
Sum-frequency generation in sol-gel material doped with binaphthol
Solvent-free fluidic organic dye lasers
New Cross-Linkable Polymers with Huisgen Reaction Incorporating High mu beta Chromophores for Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Applications
Electronic energy and electron transfer processes in photoexcited donor-acceptor dyad and triad molecular systems based on triphenylene and perylene diimide units
Synthesis, Photophysics and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Stilbenoid Pyrimidine-Based Dyes Bearing Methylenepyran Donor Groups
High-Efficiency Second-Harmonic Generation from Hybrid Light-Matter States
Structure-charge transfer property relationship in self-assembled discotic liquid-crystalline donor-acceptor dyad and triad thin films
Photophysical, amplified spontaneous emission and charge transport properties of oligofluorene derivatives in thin films

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