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Epitaxy of MgO magnetic tunnel barriers on epitaxial graphene
Sub-coercive and multi-level ferroelastic remnant states with resistive readout
Multi-state and non-volatile control of graphene conductivity with surface electric fields
The magnetoelectrochemical switch
Heteronanojunctions with atomic size control using a lab-on-chip electrochemical approach with integrated microfluidics
Photoinduced Cross-Linking of Dynamic Poly(disulfide) Films via Thiol Oxidative Coupling
Size-induced enhanced magnetoelectric effect and multiferroicity in chromium oxide nanoclusters
Random barrier double-well model for resistive switching in tunnel barriers
Anisotropic Magneto-Coulomb Properties of 2D-0D Heterostructure Single Electron Device
Localized states in advanced dielectrics from the vantage of spin- and symmetry-polarized tunnelling across MgO

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