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Mild chemo-selective hydration of terminal alkynes catalysed by AgSbF6
Rhodium-catalyzed multicomponent synthesis of chiral oxazolopiperidines
              Short Access to (+)-Lupinine and (+)-Epiquinamide via Double Hydroformylation
Hydroformylation of Alkenylamines. Concise Approaches toward Piperidines, Quinolizidines, and Related Alkaloids
Cyclohydrocarbonylation-Based Strategy toward Poly- Substituted Piperidines
Microwave-Assisted Domino Hydroformylation without Syngas
Four-Component Reactions toward Fused Heterocyclic Rings
Identification of a low–molecular weight TrkB antagonist with anxiolytic and antidepressant activity in mice
A General Approach to Aza-Heterocycles by Means of Domino Sequences Driven by Hydroformylation
Microwave-Assisted Domino Hydroformylation/Cyclization Reactions: Scope and Limitations
Novel amino-pyrroline derivatives, and use thereof in the prevention and/or treatment of metabolic syndrome
Diastereoselective Synthesis of Novel Aza-diketopiperazines via a Domino Cyclohydrocarbonylation/Addition Process
MRT-92 inhibits Hedgehog signaling by blocking overlapping binding sites in the transmembrane domain of the Smoothened receptor
Time-Resolved FRET Binding Assay to Investigate Hetero-Oligomer Binding Properties: Proof of Concept with Dopamine D1/D3 Heterodimer

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