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Extending Earthquakes' Reach Through Cascading
A new estimation of the decay of aftershock density with distance to the mainshock
              Inferring the coseismic and postseismic stress changes caused by the 2004                                             = 6 Parkfield earthquake from variations of recurrence times of microearthquakes
The long precursory phase of most large interplate earthquakes
Link between Coulomb stress changes and seismic activation in the eastern Marmara sea after the 1999, Izmit (Turkey), earthquake
Seismicity and deformation induced by magma accumulation at three basaltic volcanoes
Observation of the spread of slow deformation in Greece following the breakup of the slab
Changes in seismicity and stress loading on subduction faults in the Kanto region, Japan, 2011-2014
Faulting characteristics of supershear earthquakes

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