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Interface thermal behavior in nanomaterials by thermal grating relaxation
Thermal resistance of an interfacial molecular layer by first-principles molecular dynamics
Heat transport in disordered network forming materials: Size effects and existence of propagative modes
Thermal conductivity and transport modes in glassy GeTe 4 by first-principles molecular dynamics
Making Computer Materials Real: The Predictive Power of First-Principles Molecular Dynamics
Chalcogenide glasses as a playground for the application of first-principles molecular dynamics to disordered materials
Atomic Structure of Glassy GeTe4 as a Playground to Assess the Performances of Density Functional Schemes Accounting for Dispersion Forces
Chalcogenide glasses for innovation in applied science: fundamental issues and new insights
First-principles thermal transport in amorphous Ge 2 Sb 2 Te 5 at the nanoscale
The role of dispersion forces on the atomic structure of glassy chalcogenides: The case of GeSe4 and GeS4
On the occurrence of size effects in the calculation of thermal conductivity by first-principles molecular dynamics: The case of glassy GeTe4
Sensitivity to Dispersion Forces in First-Principles Modeling of Disordered Chalcogenides

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