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Nucleotide sequence of tRNA(Arg)(II) from brewer's yeast.
Evidence supporting a revised sequence for yeast alanine tRNA.
Studies of odd bases in yeast mitochondrial tRNA: II. Characterization of rare nucleosides.
[Primary structure of yeast mitochondrial tryptophan-tRNA capable of translating the termination U-G-A codon].
Primary sequences of tRNAs
Biological significance of 5S rRNA import into human mitochondria: role of ribosomal protein MRP-L18
[Nucleotide sequence determination of yeast mitochondrial phenylalanine-tRNA].
Du côté des tRNA
Intramolecular Inverse Electron-Demand [4+2] Cycloadditions of Ynamides with Pyrimidines: Scope and DFT Insights
Expression of nuclear and mitochondrial genes encoding ATP synthase is synchronized by disassembly of a multisynthetase complex.

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