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Efficient algorithm for serial data fusion in wireless sensor networks
A simple and efficient algorithm for dot patterns reconstruction
Routing through holes in wireless sensor networks
Efficient and Robust Serial Query Processing Techniques for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks
A scalable approach for serial data fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks
Localized Routing to Bypass Holes in Wirless Sensor Networks
An Algorithm to Detect the Weak-Symmetry of a Simple Polygon
A Novel Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Optimization for Blind RGB Color Image Watermarking
Analyse et gestion de l’occupation de places de stationnement par vision artificielle
Detection Systems for Improving the Citizen Security and Comfort from Urban and Vehicular Surveillance Technologies: An Overview
Modeling piecewise helix curves from 2D sketches
A provable algorithm to detect weak symmetry in a polygon
Texture mapping of images with arbitrary contours
Hybrid PSO-SA Type Algorithms for Multimodal Function Optimization and Reducing Energy Consumption in Embedded Systems
Inferring mirror symmetric 3D shapes from sketches
Reconstruction of helices from their orthogonal projection
Computing Multi-purpose Image-Based Descriptors for Object Detection: Powerfulness of LBP and Its Variants
Towards a Model of Car Parking Assistance System Using Camera Networks: Slot Analysis and Communication Management
Analyzing and Managing the Occupancy of Car Parking by exploiting Vision-based Urban Surveillance Networks

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