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INCA-Indoor, modèle de qualité de l’air intérieur, écrit en fortran 90
Sensitivity analaysis of the indoor air quality model, INCA-INDOOR
Sensitivity analysis of the indoor air quality model, INCA-INDOOR
Development and evaluation of inca-indoor - role of nitrogen dioxide surface reaction in the balance of nitrous acid
Identification of the major HOx radical pathways in an indoor air environment
Development and evaluation of the new indoor air quality model INCA-Indoor
Assessment of the impact of oxidation processes on indoor air pollution using the new time-resolved INCA-Indoor model
In-situ measurements of sorption parameters with a Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC): a comparison to the test emission chamber method
Fast sorption measurements of VOCs on building materials: Part 2 – Comparison between FLEC and CLIMPAQ methods
 Identification of the major HO x radical pathways in an indoor air environment
Assessment of indoor HONO formation mechanisms based on in situ measurements and modeling
Modélisation de la pollution de l’air ry intérieur
Influence de la pollution extérieure sur la qualité de l’air dans les Bâtiments Performants en Energie
Characterization of the IAQ in Low Energy Public Buildings in France through a dual experiment and modeling approach
Experimental and modeling characterizations of indoor air quality in low energy public buildings in France – the MERMAID program
Projet MERMAID : Caractérisation détaillée de l’air intérieur des bâtiments performants en énergie par couplage entre Mesures Expérimentales Représentatives et Modélisation Air Intérieur Détaillée

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