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Adaline pour l’identification des Composantes Symétriques dans une Ligne Haute Tension
Smart meter systems detection & classification using artificial neural networks
Adaline for Online Symmetrical Components and Phase-Angles Identification in Transmission Lines
ECG beat classification using a cost sensitive classifier
Analysis of fingerprints of electric appliances as starting point for an appliance characteristics catalog
Using S-Transform and Shannon energy for electrical disturbances detection
Direct neural method for harmonic currents estimation using adaptive linear element
Optimizing the classification cost using SVMs with a double hinge loss
Smart meter systems measurements for the verification of the detection & classification algorithms
A unified artificial neural network architecture for active power filters
Harmonics Identification with Artificial Neural Networks: Application to Active Power Filtering
A Self-Learning Solution for Torque Ripple Reduction for Non-Sinusoidal Permanent Magnet Motor Drives Based on Artificial Neural Networks

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