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Trapping of <i>N</i> -Acyliminium Ions with Enamides
Tertiary Enamides as Versatile and Valuable Substrates to Reach Chemical Diversity
Metal-free synthesis of activated ynesulfonamides and tertiary enesulfonamides
Tertiary Enamide-Triggered S <sub>E</sub> Ar
Tertiary Enamide-Promoted Diastereoselective Domino:-Acyliminium Ion Trapping and Nazarov Cyclization
Spirocyclization of keto-ynesulfonamides promoted by quaternary ammonium salts
Dynamics of Jasmonate metabolism upon flowering and accross leaf stress responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
Innate promiscuity of the CYP706 family of P450 enzymes provides a suitable context for the evolution of dinitroaniline resistance in weed
A grapevine cytochrome P450 generates the precursor of wine lactone, a key odorant in wine
Surfactant Micelles Enable Metal-Free Spirocyclization of Keto-Ynamides and Access to Aza-Spiro Scaffolds in Aqueous Media
Characterization of Jasmonoyl-Isoleucine (JA-Ile) Hormonal Catabolic Pathways in Rice upon Wounding and Salt Stress
Jasmonic Acid Oxidase 2 (JAO2) hydroxylates jasmonic acid and represses basal defense and resistance responses against Botrytis cinerea infection
A Promiscuous CYP706A3 Reduces Terpene Volatile Emission from Arabidopsis Flowers, Affecting Florivores and the Floral Microbiome

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