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Distribution functions for Galactic disc stellar populations in the presence of non-axisymmetric perturbations
The Milky Way disk non-axisymmetries and galactoseismology
              Tracing the                              stream with                              and LAMOST: new evidence for a fast bar in the Milky Way
The vertical effects of disc non-axisymmetries from perturbation theory: the case of the Galactic bar
Modelling the Galactic disc: perturbed distribution functions in the presence of spiral arms
Staying away from the bar: the local dynamical signature of slow and fast bars in the Milky Way
Spiral- and bar-driven peculiar velocities in Milky Way-sized galaxy simulations
              Stars with fast Galactic rotation observed in                              TGAS: a signature driven by the Perseus arm?
The effects of bar–spiral coupling on stellar kinematics in the Galaxy
Asymmetric metallicity patterns in the stellar velocity space with RAVE

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