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Nanoscale Friction of Self-assembled Monolayers
From highly ramified, large scale dendrite patterns of drying "alginate/Au NPs" solutions to capillary fabrication of lab-scale composite hydrogel microfibers
Modeling of nanoparticle manipulation by AFM: Rolling vs. sliding regimes
Nanobubble and nanodroplet template growth of particle nanorings versus nanoholes in drying nanofluids and polymer films
Characterization of Sericin Biomaterial from Silk Cocoon Waste
Shape and size transformation of gold nanorods (GNRs) via oxidation process: A reverse growth mechanism
Analysis of static friction and elastic forces in a nanowire bent on a flat surface: A comparative study
Channeling motion of gold nanospheres on a rippled glassed surface
2D Assembling of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Promoted by SAMs Used as Well-Addressed Surfaces

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