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Elongator: transcriptional or translational regulator?
Implication of hepatic transporters (MDR1 and MRP2) in inflammation-associated idiosyncratic drug-induced hepatotoxicity investigated by microvolume cytometry
Inflammatory Bowel Disease G-Prote in Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) Expression Profiling with Microfluidic Cards
Impaired platelet P2Y12 inhibition by thienopyridines in chronic kidney disease: mechanisms, clinical relevance and pharmacological options
The Elongator subcomplex Elp456 is a hexameric RecA-like ATPase
Unlike for Human Monocytes after LPS Activation, Release of TNF-alpha by THP-1 Cells Is Produced by a TACE Catalytically Different from Constitutive TACE
Improvement and application of a numerical model for optimizing the design of magnetic refrigerators
Association of estimated GFR with platelet inhibition in patients treated with clopidogrel
Architecture of the yeast elongator complex
Pre-existing donor-specific antibodies are detrimental to kidney allograft only when persistent after transplantation
Analyse des apports de la réunion pluriprofessionnelle en cancérologie

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