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Celastrol inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion in Crohn's disease biopsies
Energy efficient refrigerator without greenhouse gas: latest developments of the new technology of magnetocaloric cooling
Can flow cytometry play a part in cell based high-content screening?
Anti-Proliferative and Apoptosis-Inducing Activity of Acacia Modesta and Opuntia Monocantha Extracts on HeLa Cells
Design of a magnetocaloric air-conditioning system for an electric minibus
Latest developments in magnetocaloric materials and regenerators for heating and air conditioning systems
Magnetic heat pumps - Configurable hydraulic distribution for a magnetic cooling system
Application of Magnetocaloric Heat Pumps in Mobile Air-Conditioning
Spiro Diorthoester (SpiDo), a Human Plasma Stable Acid-Sensitive Cleavable Linker for Lysosomal Release
Sizing of a reversible magnetic heat pump for the automotive industry
On the use of capillary cytometry for assessing the bactericidal effect of TiO2. Identification and involvement of reactive oxygen species
Epigallocatechin-3-gallate up-regulates tumor suppressor gene expression via a reactive oxygen species-dependent down-regulation of UHRF1

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