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Gravity data interpretation using the particle swarm optimisation method with application to mineral exploration
2D potential theory using complex algebra: New equations and visualization for the interpretation of potential field data
On the Use of Fluxgate 3-Axis Magnetometers in Archaeology: Application with a Multi-sensor Device on the Site of Qasr ‘Allam in the Western Desert of Egypt
Fluxgate three-component magnetometers for cost-effective ground, UAV and airborne magnetic surveys for industrial and academic geoscience applications and comparison with current industrial standards through case studies
Geophysical constraints for terrane boundaries in southern Mongolia
Deciphering channel networks from aeromagnetic potential field data: the case of the North Sea Quaternary tunnel valleys
The Tuareg shield terranes revisited and extended towards the northern Gondwana margin: Magnetic and gravimetric constraints
Tectonomagmatic evolution of the final stages of rifting along the deep conjugate Australian-Antarctic magma-poor rifted margins: Constraints from seismic observations
Magmatic breakup as an explanation for magnetic anomalies at magma-poor rifted margins
Bahariya. Pratiques funéraires et lieux de culte
Autour des points d’eau. Expansions et régressions d’un terroir irrigué de l’Oasis de Bahariya (Égypte), des pharaons à nos jours. IDEX interdisciplinaire Université de Strasbourg – CNRS
Evidence for magma entrapment below oceanic crust from deep seismic reflections in the Western Somali Basin
On the Use of Aeromagnetism for Geological Interpretation: 2. A Case Study on Structural and Lithological Features in the Northern Vosges

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