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Real-time 3D image reconstruction guidance in liver resection surgery
Chronic pancreatitis: A surgical disease? Role of the Frey procedure
Radical antegrade pancreatosplenectomy (with video)
Laparoscopic resection for hepatocellular carcinoma: comparison between Middle Eastern and Western experience
Duodenal duplication cyst: a potentially malignant disease
Towards cybernetic surgery: robotic and augmented reality-assisted liver segmentectomy
Robotic duodenopancreatectomy assisted with augmented reality and real-time fluorescence guidance
Augmented Reality Guidance for the Resection of Missing Colorectal Liver Metastases: An Initial Experience
Prospective experimental study of transrectal viscerotomy closure using transanal endoscopic suture vs. circular stapler: a step toward NOTES
Augmented reality-guided artery-first pancreatico-duodenectomy
A modular magnetic anastomotic device for minimally invasive digestive anastomosis: proof of concept and preliminary data in the pig model
Innovations in minimally invasive surgery: lessons learned from translational animal models
Minimally invasive management of intrahepatic type II gallbladder perforation: a case report
Improving Echo-Guided Procedures Using an Ultrasound-CT Image Fusion System
Trans-thoracic minimally invasive liver resection guided by augmented reality

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