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Structure of the human 80S ribosome
Formation of circular polyribosomes on eukaryotic mRNA without cap-structure and poly(A)-tail: a cryo electron tomography study
Visualizing the role of 2'-OH rRNA methylations in the human ribosome structure
Visualization of chemical modifications in the human 80S ribosome structure
Ribosomal 18S rRNA base pairs with mRNA during eukaryotic translation initiation.
Involvement of protein IF2 N domain in ribosomal subunit joining revealed from architecture and function of the full-length initiation factor
Volta phase plate data collection facilitates image processing and cryo-EM structure determination
eIF3 Peripheral Subunits Rearrangement after mRNA Binding and Start-Codon Recognition.
Focused classification and refinement in high-resolution cryo-EM structural analysis of ribosome complexes
Structural Insights into the Role of Diphthamide on Elongation Factor 2 in mRNA Reading-Frame Maintenance

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