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Visualization of chemical modifications in the human 80S ribosome structure
Structure of the human 80S ribosome
Formation of circular polyribosomes on eukaryotic mRNA without cap-structure and poly(A)-tail: a cryo electron tomography study
Visualizing the role of 2'-OH rRNA methylations in the human ribosome structure
Involvement of protein IF2 N domain in ribosomal subunit joining revealed from architecture and function of the full-length initiation factor
Volta phase plate data collection facilitates image processing and cryo-EM structure determination
eIF3 Peripheral Subunits Rearrangement after mRNA Binding and Start-Codon Recognition.
Focused classification and refinement in high-resolution cryo-EM structural analysis of ribosome complexes
Ribosomal 18S rRNA base pairs with mRNA during eukaryotic translation initiation.
Structural Insights into the Role of Diphthamide on Elongation Factor 2 in mRNA Reading-Frame Maintenance

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