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Discovery of PKR1 agonist with cardioprotection effect
Endothelial-Prokineticin receptor and insulin resistance
Endothelial-specific ablation of Prokineticin receptor1 in mice promotes metabolic disease-like disorders
Genetic inactivation of PKR1 receptor induces heart and kidney disorders: role of progenitor cell
Role of Prokineticin receptor 1 in regulating heart and kidney functions
New anti-cancer natural product flavaglins
Endothelial dysfunction promoted by PKR1 insufficiency causes cardiovascular and renal defects and insulin resistance.
Role of Prokineticin in Epicardial Progenitor Cell Differentiation to Regenerate Heart
Obesity Peptide: Prokineticin
Flavaglines as Potent Anticancer and Cytoprotective Agents
Genetic inactivation of prokineticin receptor-1 leads to heart and kidney disorders
Prokineticin receptor 1 as a novel suppressor of preadipocyte proliferation and differentiation to control obesity
Bioactive Flavaglines: Synthesis and Pharmacology

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