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A drastic influence of the anion nature and concentration on high pressure intrusion-extrusion of electrolyte solutions in Silicalite-1
Adsorption of volatile organic compounds in composite zeolites pellets for space decontamination
Absorption of water/ethanol microdroplets into model porous networks
Heterogeneous lyophobic systems based on pure silica ITH-type zeolites: high pressure intrusion of water and electrolyte solutions
Influence of LiCl aqueous solution concentration on the energetic performances of pure silica chabazite
Porous WS2 and W2N powders by hard templating with colloidal silica
Zeolite hybrid films for space decontamination
Structure-performance relationship in CuO/SBA-15-type SOx adsorbent: evolution of copper-based species under different regenerative treatments
Dioxin and 1,2-dichlorobenzene adsorption in aluminosilicate zeolite Beta
Influence of framework Si/Al ratio and topology on electron transfers in zeolites
Adsorption de SOx sur matériaux CuO/SBA-15 obtenus par broyage solide-solide
Mesoporous materials for the removal of SO2 from gas stream

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