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Reply to the letter by Ando et al
Left ventricular rupture after embolic myocardial infarction due to mitral valve endocarditis
Mitral valve surgery for transient severe mitral regurgitation: an alternative to medical treatment?
Impact of manual thrombectomy on myocardial reperfusion as assessed by ST-segment resolution in STEMI patients treated by primary PCI
Takotsubo and Takotsubo-like syndrome: a common neurogenic myocardial stunning pathway?
Diagnostic relevance of optical coherence tomography imaging in aborted acute myocardial infarction with a "Takotsubo component"
Association of estimated GFR with platelet inhibition in patients treated with clopidogrel
Anti-pseudo-PCNA type 1 (anti-SG2NA) pattern: Track down Cancer, not SLE
Does optical coherence tomography optimize results of stenting? Rationale and study design
Vascular access complications in endovascular procedures with large sheaths.

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