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Fast continuous energy scan with dynamic coupling of the monochromator and undulator at the DEIMOS beamline
Element-specific electronic structure and magnetic properties of an epitaxial Ni51.6Mn32.9Sn15.5 thin film at the austenite-martensite transition
Growth and magnetism of self-organized CoxPt1-x nanostructures on Au(111)
Field-regulated switching of the magnetization of Co-porphyrin on graphene
DEIMOS: A beamline dedicated to dichroism measurements in the 350-2500 eV energy range
Antiferromagnetic coupling of TbPc2 molecules to ultrathin Ni and Co films
Robust spin crossover and memristance across a single molecule
Magnetism of CoPd self-organized alloy clusters on Au(111)
Interplay between interfacial and structural properties on the magnetism of self-organized core-shell Co/Pt supported nanodots
Thermodynamics versus kinetics in a morphology transition of nanoparticles
Size-induced enhanced magnetoelectric effect and multiferroicity in chromium oxide nanoclusters

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