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System adjustement for targeted performance combining symbolic regression and set inversion
Geometric Modelling of Woven Fabrics Weavability Limit and Tightness
Determination of Weaving Coefficient as Parameter for Explaining and Predicting Strength of Woven Structures
Fatigue Behaviour of inflated woven coumpound pocket fabrics
Analyse expérimentale des phénomènes de l'arrachement d'inserts dans un tissu 3D
IR Technology, a tool for studying of pressure distribution on a car seat
Caractérisation en traction de l´assemblage de composite caoutchouc à renfort textile
Photo elasticity as a tool for the solid woven fabric deformation evaluation
Interlock Fabric Implant Tearing Measurement
Comparison of C-Ply TM (thin ply) with woven fabric and UD performances
Image Analysis of the thermographs for interface pressure distribution measurement
Fatigue Behaviour of Inflated Woven Compound Pocket Fabrics
Jacquard Unival 100 parameters study for high density weaving optimization
Online fabric defect detection by Fast Fourier Transform and Cross-Correlation

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