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Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope fractionation during abiotic hydrolysis of pesticides
Pesticide degradation and export losses at the catchment scale: Insights from compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA)
Do rainfall characteristics affect the export of copper, zinc and synthetic pesticides in surface runoff from headwater catchments?
Impact of rainfall patterns and frequency on the export of pesticides and heavy-metals from agricultural soils
Fluorescent tracers to evaluate pesticide dissipation and transformation in agricultural soils
Pesticide fate on catchment scale: conceptual modelling of stream CSIA data
Removal of pesticide mixtures in a stormwater wetland collecting runoff from a vineyard catchment
 Correction to Degradation and Transport of the Chiral Herbicide S -Metolachlor at the Catchment Scale: Combining Observation Scales and Analytical Approaches
Copper in soil fractions and runoff in a vineyard catchment: Insights from copper stable isotopes
Fungicides: An Overlooked Pesticide Class?
Long-term temporal trajectories to enhance restoration efficiency and sustainability on large rivers: an interdisciplinary study
Évaluation de la restauration hydromorphologique fonctionnelle d’une anastomose rhénane : trajectoire temporelle, monitoring pré-restauration, modélisation (Rhin Supérieur, Bas-Rhin, Réserve naturelle de l’île du Rohrschollen)
Mitigation of agricultural nonpoint-source pesticide pollution in artificial wetland ecosystems

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