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Reduced parahippocampal theta activity during spatial navigation in low, but not in high elderly performers
Effects of thermosensory aging well demonstrated by cold stimulations with high temporal resolution
Modification of Descending Analgesia in Aging: Critical Role of the Prefrontal Cortex
Gamma oscillatory activity is impaired in episodic memory encoding with age
Very preterm infants can detect small variations in light levels in incubators
Observational study found that even small variations in light can wake up very preterm infants in a neonatal intensive care unit
Age-related decline in thermal adaptation capacities: an evoked potentials study
Differences in age-related effects on myelinated and unmyelinated peripheral fibres: a sensitivity and evoked potentials study
Age-Related Decline in Cognitive Pain Modulation Induced by Distraction: Evidence From Event-Related Potentials
Different patterns of fronto-parietal coherence mediate successful navigation in young and elderly individuals: An EEG study
Electrophysiological evidence of age-related inter-hemispheric changes during episodic encoding processes
Decreased theta power at encoding and cognitive mapping deficits in elderly individuals during a spatial memory task
Appropriate encoding strategies compensate for driving abilities in elderly individuals: a virtual reality study
Infants born very preterm react to variations of the acoustic environment in their incubator from a minimum signal-to-noise ratio threshold of 5 to 10 dBA.

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