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Fonction endocrine du cœur
Atorvastatin treatment reduces exercise capacities in rats: involvement of mitochondrial impairments and oxidative stress.
Mechanisms involved in increased plasma brain natriuretic peptide after heart transplantation.
Impairment of maximal aerobic power with moderate hypoxia in endurance athletes: do skeletal muscle mitochondria play a role?
Pretreatment with brain natriuretic peptide reduces skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress after ischemia-reperfusion.
The Emerging Role of Mitochondria in Inflammatory Myopathies
Left Ventricular Transmural Gradient in Mitochondrial Respiration Is Associated with Increased Sub-Endocardium Nitric Oxide and Reactive Oxygen Species Productions.
Pressure overload-induced mild cardiac hypertrophy reduces left ventricular transmural differences in mitochondrial respiratory chain activity and increases oxidative stress
Methylene blue protects liver oxidative capacity after gut ischaemia-reperfusion in the rat.
Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Function in Peripheral Arterial Disease: Usefulness of Muscle Biopsy
Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition prevents myocardial infarction-induced increase in renal cortical cGMP and cAMP phosphodiesterase activities
Effect of postconditioning on mitochondrial dysfunction in experimental aortic cross-clamping.
Mitochondrial uncoupling reduces exercise capacity despite several skeletal muscle metabolic adaptations

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