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Mechanically Switchable Biocide Plasma-Polymer Coatings for Biomaterials
Effect of Plasma Duty Cycle on Silver Nanoparticles Loading of Cotton Fabrics for Durable Antibacterial Properties
Effect of ageing and sterilization on plasma multilayer system
Antibacterial Properties of Silver-Loaded Plasma Polymer Coatings
Impact of Chemical Heterogeneities of Surfaces on Colonization by Bacteria
Biological-like vesicular structures self-assembled from DNA-block copolymers
Mechanically Responsive Antibacterial Plasma Polymer Coatings for Textile Biomaterials
3.314 – Materials to Control and Measure Cell Function
Response to comment on "The interaction of cells and bacteria with surfaces structures at the nanoscale"
Antibacterial properties and compressive strength of new one-step preparation silver nanoparticles in glass ionomer cements (NanoAg-GIC)
Oxidative photopolymerization of thiol-terminated polysulfide resins. Application in antibacterial coatings

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