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ests dynamiques d’exploration de l’axe corticotrope : points de vue du clinicien et du biologiste
UPA/PAI-1 : Des biomarqueurs pour faire évoluer les décisions thérapeutiques des cancers du sein
Breast cancer and diabetes mellitus: Complex interactions
Chronic kidney failure and biotin: a combination inducing unusual results in thyroid and  parathyroid investigations, report of 2 cases
A prospective study to assess the clinical utility of serum HER2 extracellular domain in breast cancer with HER2 overexpression
Duodenum-specific drug delivery: in vivo assessment of a pharmaceutically developed enteric-coated capsule for a broad applicability in rat studies
Breast cancer in elderly women and altered clinico-pathological characteristics: a systematic review
Glycemic management of diabetes by insulin therapy
Extensive study of human insulin immunoassays: promises and pitfalls for insulin analogue detection and quantification
In vitro uptake evaluation in Caco-2 cells and in vivo results in diabetic rats of insulin-loaded PLGA nanoparticles
Amélioration continue du DES de biologie médicale à l’aide d’un carnet de stage et d’un questionnaire d’évaluation de la satisfaction. [= Clinical laboratory medicine: continuous amelioration with a book of objectives and satisfaction survey].
A Metabolomic Approach (1H HRMAS NMR Spectroscopy) Supported by Histology to Study Early Post-transplantation Responses in Islet-transplanted Livers.

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