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3-Dimensional Skew-symmetric Algebras and the Variety of Hom-Lie Algebras
Universal deformation formulas
Dimension theorem for free ternary partially associative algebras and applications
Operads for n-ary algebras - calculations and conjectures
(Non-)Koszulness of operads for n-ary algebras, galgalim and other curiosities
Riemannian symmetries in flag manifolds
Rigid Current Lie Algebras
k-step nilpotent Lie algebras
Contact and Frobeniusian forms on Lie groups
On algebras obtained by tensor product
2-dimensional algebras
A class of nonassociative algebras including flexible and alternative algebras, operads and deformations
Group Gradings on Filiform Lie Algebras
Algebraic computations on the set of real intervals
Group Gradings on Lie Algebras and Applications to Geometry: II
Pseudo Riemannian symmetries on Heisenberg groups
Coadjoint Orbits of Lie Algebras and Cartan Class

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