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A New Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Zinc Phosphate Prepared with L-Histidine with an Unusual Stability in Water
Insights into Photoinduced Sol-Gel Polymerization: An in Situ Infrared Spectroscopy Study
High Pressure Intrusion-Extrusion of LiCl Aqueous Solutions in Silicalite-1 Zeolite: Influence on Energetic Performances
Synthesis of hierarchical ZSM-48 nano-zeolites
Micro- and macroscopic observations of the nucleation process and crystal growth of nanosized Cs-pollucite in an organotemplate-free hydrosol
Non-symmetrical bis-silylated precursor can (also) self-direct the assembly of Silsesquioxane films
A simple method for the reinforcement of UV-cured coating via sol-gel photopolymerization
Thick mesostructured films via light induced self-assembly
Synthesis of Cs-ABW nanozeolite in organotemplate-free system
Facile and fast determination of Si/Al ratio of zeolites using FTIR spectroscopy technique
Endogenous Stable Radicals for Characterization of Thermally Carbonized Porous Silicon by Solid-State Dynamic Nuclear Polarization C-13 NMR

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