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Local adipocyte cancer cell paracrine loop: can "sick fat" be more detrimental?
Le stroma tumoral - un terreau fertile pour la cellule cancéreuse. [The tumoral stroma, a breeding ground for cancer cells]
TRAF4, at the Crossroad between Morphogenesis and Cancer
Adipocyte is a non-trivial, dynamic partner of breast cancer cells
Deficiency in trefoil factor 1 (TFF1) increases tumorigenicity of human breast cancer cells and mammary tumor development in TFF1-knockout mice
Stromal matrix metalloproteinase-11 is involved in the mammary gland postnatal development
Inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 causes regression of gastric adenomas in trefoil factor 1 deficient mice
TRAF4 is a novel phosphoinositide-binding protein modulating tight junctions and favoring cell migration
Perispeckles are major assembly sites for the exon junction core complex
Intake of grape-derived polyphenols reduces C26 tumor growth by inhibiting angiogenesis and inducing apoptosis.
STARD3 or STARD3NL and VAP form a novel molecular tether between late endosomes and the ER
Functional relationship between matrix metalloproteinase-11 and matrix metalloproteinase-14
In vivo evidence that TRAF4 is required for central nervous system myelin homeostasis

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