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Energy efficient refrigerator without greenhouse gas: latest developments of the new technology of magnetocaloric cooling
Fast computational model for the magnetocaloric properties of LaFeSi materials
Design of a magnetocaloric air-conditioning system for an electric minibus
Latest developments in magnetocaloric materials and regenerators for heating and air conditioning systems
Magnetic heat pumps - Configurable hydraulic distribution for a magnetic cooling system
Application of Magnetocaloric Heat Pumps in Mobile Air-Conditioning
Improvement and application of a numerical model for optimizing the design of magnetic refrigerators
Sizing of a reversible magnetic heat pump for the automotive industry
Construction of consistent magnetocaloric materials data for modelling magnetic refrigerators
A Multi-Objective Optimization Tool for Dual-Mode Operating Active Magnetic Regenerator Model
Numerical and experimental study of a thermomagnetic generator for energy conversion
Evolutionary optimization of Hamiltonian model for the study of magnetocaloric materials
New Evolutionary Method for Studying Physical Properties of Magneto Caloric Materials

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