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Energy efficient refrigerator without greenhouse gas: latest developments of the new technology of magnetocaloric cooling
Fast computational model for the magnetocaloric properties of LaFeSi materials
Latest developments in magnetocaloric materials and regenerators for heating and air conditioning systems
Magnetic heat pumps - Configurable hydraulic distribution for a magnetic cooling system
Application of Magnetocaloric Heat Pumps in Mobile Air-Conditioning
Design of a magnetocaloric air-conditioning system for an electric minibus
Improvement and application of a numerical model for optimizing the design of magnetic refrigerators
Sizing of a reversible magnetic heat pump for the automotive industry
Construction of consistent magnetocaloric materials data for modelling magnetic refrigerators
Numerical and experimental study of a thermomagnetic generator for energy conversion
A Multi-Objective Optimization Tool for Dual-Mode Operating Active Magnetic Regenerator Model
Evolutionary optimization of Hamiltonian model for the study of magnetocaloric materials
New Evolutionary Method for Studying Physical Properties of Magneto Caloric Materials

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